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Featuring an Assortment of Masterpieces

Bobs art

Whether it be kitty cats, mountain lions, coffee mugs, or full-sized statues, Bob's ceramics embodies a spirit and passion for all things both living and inanimate. For example, capturing the personality of a cat is no mean feat; working from only photographs, Bob has created a lasting piece of art for those who love their pets. Bob's art is not limited to ceramics. He also does paintings, sculptures and so much more.

Featured Artists

The Volcano Gallery Artists

  • Michael Garcia- wood cuts in Sealed Boxes
  • Marilyn Baldwin- Ceramics
  • Ruthie Sexton- Collages, Acrylics, Oils
  • Gretchen Johnson- Textiles
  • Delores Weaverling- Beaded jewelry, Painted Gordes, and more
  • Ellen Record- Biker Bags, Jewelry