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Come to the Motherload Visit an Art Gallery in Volcano, CA

Come to the Motherload Visit an Art Gallery in Volcano, CA

Welcome to the art of Bob Benker and the Volcano Art Gallery. This website is the natural follow-up to Bob Benkers' acclaimed exhibition in Sinaloa, Mexico. Although a number of his paintings and ceramic pieces showcased within these pages are not available, they will give you an idea of the quality and passion that Bob instills in each and every piece he creates.

The Volcano Gallery is located in the quaint town of Volcano, California, and is within 3 miles of the world famous Daffodil Hill. Both Volcano and Daffodil Hill will provide you with an afternoon surrounded by beauty, both natural and man-made.

Though the building is not very large, the glorious works contained within are tremendous both in scope and design. The works of other artists on display include fine, hand-crafted jewelry, photography, Native American art work, mystical and spiritual art, ceramics, pottery, sculptures, water and oil paintings, textiles and fiber artwork and so much more.